10 Billion

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In 2013, John Michael Greer published the story The Next Ten Billion Years on his (now retired) blog, The Archdruid Report. The story considers the future of humanity on planet Earth and looks further into the future to imagine what might lay beyond, once human dominion comes to an end.

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The story has been adapted into graphic novel format by Marcu Knoesen and artist Darryl Knickrehm to bring this spectacular story to life in visual form.
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“It’s a credit to 10 Billion that it comes across so well and effectively, and that it does it by showing us an array of incredible, imaginative worlds, brilliantly rendered and begging to be contemplated at greater length, each frame an invitation into further imaginings.
Ultimately, 10 Billion is a great accomplishment and well worth the price of admission, even for those who are not normal consumers of graphic novels.”
– Joel Caris – Into The Ruins Magazine
(Read the full review in Issue 16)

“…Knickrehm’s fine illustrations are exemplary in their ability to convey the gist of a complex or unfamiliar concept through simple imagery. For these reasons, I recommend 10 Billion as an accessible introduction to Greer’s extensive body of scholarly writings on the future of industrial civilization.”
– Frank Kaminski – Resilience.org

“I have been reading Mr. Greer for many years and have always appreciated his unflinching insight and willingness to speak the truth. I have never read a graphic novel before, but I thoroughly enjoyed the artwork as well. I can see the attraction for so many to that way of communicating. Thanks to all three of you for this fantastic work. It gave me some much-needed perspective on a serious time in our history.”
– Angela – USA

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